Crupi Aluminum Moto/Expert Bars

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All Crupi Moto Aluminum Expert bars feature 6061 Butted tubing to keep them strong and light. All bars in these size categories have an 8 degree sweep with 1 degree of up-sweep. All of these handlebars are recommended for riders under the weight of 150lbs. If you are close to 150lbs or over this limit, you should be looking at chromoly bars.

  • 4.5" Moto Bar measures 24" wide x 4.5" rise at 13.12oz
  • 5.5" Moto Bar measures 26" wide x 5.5" rise at 14.77oz
  • 6.5" Moto Bar measures 26" wide x 6.5" rise at 15.44oz
  • All Moto bars feature an 8° back sweep with 1° of up sweep
  • Rider Weight Limit = 150lbs