Crupi Pedal Cages

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Crupi pedals have been around for years (since the early 80's). They can bend or become dull given time. Keep your pedals fresh and cages sharp by replacing them. They are available in multiple colors and replacement screws are included too!  Will only fit Crupi US Made pedals and will NOT fit any other type of pedal! 

  • Pedal cage is precision stamped from 6061 Aluminum
  • Cage screws are 10/24 x 1/2" Phillips oval head stainless screw
  • Set of Mini Round cages weigh 2.22oz
  • Set of Pro Round cages weigh 3.14oz

Black cages are available but have bad anodize on them and they have faded.  They are now greyish or brownish in color.  These are discounted and sold as is with no returns.  All other cage colors may have small imperfections on them as well.  All cages are sold as is with no returns.