Copy of About Us

Crupi is a BMX Racing Company; pure and simple! The company was started to create better BMX racing components and after 36 years, Crupi is still focused on BMX Racing components exclusively! Lots of other BMX companies have branched out into other areas of cycling but Crupi has remained pure to its roots. We are 100% focused on BMX Racing and our products will prove what our dedication is all about.  Quality, Durability, Dependability, a company who’s been there and will continue to be there! Crupi products are never hard to find. Most of the better BMX racing shops across the country and around the world carry Crupi and Rhythm products and you can always find them through vendors at any National race. You can find a dealer near you by visiting our dealer locator or you can call us directly or place orders through this website. If you have any questions before you order or need help in determining what to order, you can talk to one of our expert staff members with lots of racing background who will be happy to assist you. Just call us at (626) 338-1400 or email us at  We look forward to hearing from you.



Crupi supports the sport and our dealers. We provide many co-sponsorship opportunities which promotes the brand at the local level increasing brandwareness.  We travel to the races with our Factory Team and vehicle and set up our pit area with lots of complete bikes and product displays, hand out brochures and stickers and provide tech support for our customers. Crupi sponsors top notch National caliber riders around the world who travel all over to race and promote the Crupi brand. BMX Racing is our passion and this is what we do!