2017 World Championship LE Decals

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2017 World Championship frame decal sets will fit your 2016 and Newer Crupi frames (with Square Down Tube - will not fit other Crupi models).  When the World Championships returned to the USA in 2017, we felt that that event deserved a special graphic to represent the event!  Please note that we do not offer "cruiser specific" decals as our frame decals fit all Crupi frames.  (i.e. need a Pro Cruiser decal set, just order a Pro decal kit).

DISCLAIMER All decals are hand crafted and imperfections (i.e. bubbles, minor anomalies) may accompany the decal kits. We do our absolute best to ensure we are shipping the best product we physically can produce. To keep the shipping cost down, we bag the decals and ship them in a padded envelope. Although we mark the envelope "Do Not Bend", bending can occur during shipping. We can ship them in a flat cardboard box to prevent this but it would increase the shipping cost by 2 or 3 times. You can request this shipping if you wish, otherwise we will ship in the padded envelope. Crupi is not responsible for ANY damage to the decals or any surface it is being applied to during installation by the customer. If you, as a customer, are not certain about the decal installation procedure, it is your sole responsibility to seek this information from a qualified source. Please open our application link, read and follow the instructions properly.