Custom Number Plate Decals

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Decal Shipping: Please allow 3 to 5 Business days to ship. (decals are printed as ordered)

Take your kit to the next level with our ALL NEW custom number plate decals. Choose from 2 new designs, then select your background color as well as name/number/country flag and we will create your very own custom plates! NOTE: Number plate decals only fit Tangent Ventril 3D Mini and Tangent Ventril 3D Pro plates. Number style may change to accommodate larger three-digit numbers. 

Your order includes the following:

  • 1 Custom Plate Decal

  • 2 Matching Mini Size Plate Decals

  • Does NOT include Number Plate


Not sure what color you need? The USABMX states the following in the 2021 Rulebook:

  • District (White Background w/Black number)
  • Gold Cup (Yellow Background w/Black number)
  • National Age Group (Grey Background w/White number)
  • National (Black Background w/White number)
  • ROC (Red Background w/White number)
  • State Novice or Intermediate (Green Background w/White number)
  • State Expert/Girl Expert/Cruiser (Blue Background w/White number)

If you need a Tangent Number Plate for your decal, order it by clicking here NUMBER PLATES