2021 Sponsorship

Crupi’s 2021 Team Green Program offers riders a great support program with the best BMX gear from one of the top BMX companies in the industry. As a Team Green rider, you will help represent Crupi at the races and in turn Crupi will provide you with 20% off all Crupi parts and accessories (excluding sales items) as well as factory level technical support on all Crupi products.  You will be given the chance to be posted on Crupi’s Instagram!  There are 2 packages to choose from to get you into the program.    

Here are the requirements to qualify for the Team Green Program.   

  1. Riders are required to wear their Crupi jersey at all races & practices
  2. Riders are required to ride a Crupi frame.
  3. A monthly race report, including photos must be submitted to info@crupibmx.com
  4. Crupi Team Green must be listed as your main sponsor
  5. If still in school, you must maintain a 2.5 (C) grade point average
  6. You now represent Crupi and as such, must be polite and helpful to anyone who approaches you. Unsportsmanlike conduct of any sort is unacceptable

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This package includes the following products:

  • Crupi Team Jersey with your name on the back
  • Crupi frame with custom frame decal kit 
  • Team Green Decal Kit
  • Retail = $599.99 - Your Team Price = $549.99 (w/Catalina Frame)
  • Retail = $669.99 - Your Team Price = $599.99 (w/Level Frame)




This package includes the following products:

  • Crupi Team Jersey with your name on the back
  • Team Green Decal Kit
  • Crupi Complete Bicycle (you chosse the size)

Micro, Mini, Junior, Mini Cruiser and Junior Cruiser:

  • $1349.99 (regular retail price = $1449.99)

Expert, Expert XL, Expert XXL, Expert Cruiser and Expert XL Cruiser

  • $1399.99 (regular retail price = $1499.99)

Pro, Pro XL, Pro 2XL, Pro 3XL, Pro Cruiser and Pro XL Cruiser

  • $1599.99 for new Level Frame (regular retail price = $1699.99)