Elevn Disc Brake Adapter Kit 120mm

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The Kit includes the following:

  • Full CNC Alloy Adaptor for the 120mm Disc Brake Mount only
  • 10mm rear axle set up, pin bolt security
  • 120mm Disc Brake Rotor fastening system ISO 6 screws with air vents
  • Chain tensioner with anti-rotation system
  • 6 Disc screws and washers included
  • 2 disc spacers 0.5mm thickness each
  • 2 sets of Covers Brake pivot bolts to replace the standard brake mounts for a clean, aero design look. (Black and Polished pair)
  • 2 Disc Rotor spacers (only needed depending on type of rear disc ready hub used)

Requires a rear hub with ISO 6 / DISC READY setup.
Sold without hydraulic braking system.

Fits all Crupi frame sizes!