FS Apex 4x5 Bolt 104/110BCD Chainrings

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  • The Apex “OG 4/5” Chainring is a Legacy part AND the last chainring you will ever need!
  • We put the time, money and effort into designing a lightweight, functional chainring that is capable of being used on either a 4 bolt or 5 bolt crank arm (YEP, This     revolutionary Chainring can be run on either crank arms)!
  • Our proprietary machining process destresses the tooth profile which allows for faster chain movement, increased  releasing power and a smoother surface to material interface.
  • We have eliminated the need for you to have duplicate 4 Bolt and 5 Bolt chainrings.
  • We are the first BMX Company to marry 104 BCD & 110 BCD into ONE functional     product!
  • Made out of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum
  • Designed to work with all 7, 8 & 9 speed chains
  • Lazer etched graphics
  • Available sizes are 36T - 46T
  • Weight 36T (67g / 2.35 oz)

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