Answer Carbon Bars

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The Answer Carbon Micro & Mini race bars feature an extremely lightweight one piece design constructed from carbon fiber with knurled clamping area to prevent slip.  The Answer Carbon Expert race bars are made from a multi-directional carbon/Kevlar weave with a molded, integrated crossbar and a knurled stem area to improve stem grip.

  • Mico bar has a 2.25" rise, is 23" wide, has an 11° backsweep and 2° upsweep.  Rider weight limit is 90 lbs - Bar weighs 5.8oz
  • Mini bar has a 3.5" rise & 11° backsweep.  Rider weight limit is 100 lbs - Bar weighs 6.6oz
  • Junior bar has a 4.5" rise, is 23" wide, has an 11° backsweep.  Rider weight limit is 115 lbs - Bar weighs 8.6oz
  • Expert bar has a 6" rise, is 26" wide and has a 9° backsweep.  Rider weight limit is 135 lbs - Bar weighs 12.1oz