Crupi Pedal Replacement Bearings

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Replacement bearings for all Crupi pedals.

#1607-2RS bearing fits the inside of Crupi's caged pedals (Mini or Pro) - end of the pedal closest to crank 

#R6-2RS bearing fits the outside of Crupi's caged pedals (Mini or Pro) - (end of the pedal furthest away from the crank). same bearing that fits Crupi's US made hubs

#6800-2RS bearing fits Crupi's "Discontinued" platform (not caged) pedals. There are 3 bearings per pedal so a total of 6 will cover the set of pedals.  No longer available

Each Crupi caged pedal requires 2 different bearings so for a set of pedals, you will need 2 of each for a total of 4 bearings!

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