Nipples 18/Pak

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Spoke Specs  

Like most of the parts on your bike, nipple choice boils down to the look, strength and weight you want. Your wheels are one of the more critical areas of your bike where you can truly reduce weight. Rotational weight is the weight of your wheels times 3 which means if your wheels weigh 3lbs for the set, then they actually weigh 9lbs when you are racing due to the rotational weight factor. This is why it is critical to have the best strength to weight ratio on your wheels you can get!

To achieve this, we use aluminum nipples on all our wheels to keep the weight down. Although brass nipples are stronger, they also weigh a lot more and properly built wheels with alloy nipples are just as good as wheels with brass nipples.

All nipples are 12mm long and are sold in packs of 18.