Crupi's Retail Advertising and MAP Policy

Crupi Parts, Inc believes in and supports advertising & promotion of our full line of BMX racing products for our Dealers and Distributors both inside and outside the USA to create awareness of our products, availability, features and benefits for the mutual benefit of all parties; distributor, dealer, and consumer.  In order to facilitate the proper retail advertising presentation of Crupi or Rhythm branded products we are implementing the following Retail Pricing Policy.  This policy in no way implies any attempt to control a dealer’s price of Crupi or Rhythm branded products. It is simply a policy of dealer retail advertising meant to protect the image and market value of our products worldwide.


1. Any shop advertising and/or selling Crupi and Rhythm branded products must show Crupi's suggested retail pricing. A Maximum of 5% off the MSRP is allowed on all items other than Frames. Frames are to be shown at Crupi's MSRP pricing only. If you are outside the USA and you list prices other than in USD, your currency conversion must not fall under Crupi's USA pricing. 


Shops may also advertise and sell our products via E-Bay, Amazon or Face Book but our pricing policies remain the same.  Any Dealer found to be selling Crupi or Rhythm products under Crupi's MSRP will be blocked from purchases from Crupi or our Distributors until the corrections are made.
2. This policy is in effect for "current products" we promote and does not include noncurrent or closeout items. However, any additional discounting of non-current products must indicate the product is noncurrent in such advertisement.
3.  Sellers are prohibited from advertising a price below the MAP (minimum advertised price) in effect at the time of the advertisement, or from using language in an advertisement that suggests a sales price below the MAP in effect at the time of the advertisement. The MAP for any of our products may be amended from time to time by Crupi and Crupi will update its Dealers with reasonable notice.


If any Seller is found to be in violation of this Policy, Crupi may, at its sole discretion, suspend or terminate their ability to purchase Products from any of our distribution channels.  Reinstatement will be at the sole discretion of Crupi.  Any USA shop agrees they are the final point of retail and will not export our items for resale. Crupi Parts, Inc. supports this policy, its enforcement and the value it provides to their complete customer base worldwide.