After I contacted your customer service department, I was asked to send my product back to Crupi. How should I send it and where should I send it to?

We accept shipments from UPS, Fed-Ex, and the US Postal Service. Please be sure to include your name, home phone number and return address (no P.O. boxes please) with all warranty shipments to Crupi. You do need prior authorization from Crupi before sending any product in for warranty but you will not need a RA number.

Shipping address is:

Crupi Parts, Inc.
257 Apple Creek Lane
Gardnerville, NV 89460
Phone - (626) 338-1400

What is considered proof of purchase for warranty claims?

A copy of the original printed sales receipt showing the original date of purchase is considered "proof of purchase". Hand written receipts are not. Without the original printed receipt, warranties will not be honored.

What are manufacturing workmanship and/or material defects?

A “defect in workmanship” can be defined as any problem with the product that should’ve been caught by our quality control inspection but wasn’t. These types of problems include crooked parts, missing welds, etc. Basically, any step in the manufacturing process we forgot to do, or did incorrectly is considered a “defect in workmanship.” For instance, a frame tube that is missing some weld, a cable stop that is welded on backwards, or a part that is missing some thread, etc. These are all examples of “defects in workmanship.” A break or a bend in a part is not necessarily the result of a “defect in workmanship.” In fact, a true “defect in workmanship” needs to be detected within the first 30 days of ownership to be valid. In other words, in order to be considered a true “defect in workmanship” the problem must be easily detected upon assembly of the product or during its initial 30-day period of ownership. In any case, we ask you to call or email and discuss any possible “defect in workmanship” with our customer service department before you ship the product back to us.

I stripped or pulled out the threads on my stem, is this covered under warranty?

No. Stripping, cross threading or having threads pull out of the stem are all signs of over tightening and are not warranty issues. Crupi lists the tightening specs on our website for all stems and these specs should be followed to prevent this.

My Rhythm hub is skipping or has strange sounds coming from it. Is this covered under warranty?

Possibly if the hub is within 30 days of purchase. The internal parts of the hub are considered a "consumable item" as the amount of time it will last is determined by how many hours you put on the rear wheel or the conditions in which you ride the bike in (ie.. rain, mud or sandy dirt). Therefore warranty is not offered past 30 days of purchase but we do offer replacement kits and video instructions on to replace or repair your hub which you can find on our hub page of ou

Can I get a crash replacement for a bent or broken part?

In most cases yes. However, proof of purchase must be shown, crash replacement cost is for consumers only (not dealers) and we only offer crash replacement once.

How can I determine the size of my Crupi frame?

You can usually tell from the serial number which can be found either on the bottom bracket (for older models) or on the inside of the drop out. The first 2 or 3 letters in the serial number will tell the size. For example, CE indicates Crupi Expert. CPC indicates Crupi Pro Cruiser, etc...

How can I determine the model year of my Crupi frame?

This can be difficult and the serial number will not indicate the year. You can check the decal order page on our website where you can find pictures of our older model frames and most of the time you can tell what year your frame was based on the decals it had, the shape of the tubing or the drop out design. If you cannot determine this, email us pictures of the frame and a close up of the drop outs and we can help.

Where can I find frame or wheel building spec charts?

Visit the frame, hub or spoke pages on our website and find the link to these measurements in red near the product details.

Can I avoid shipping charges and pick my order up at your warehouse?

Yes, provided you place your order in advance and it is paid for in advance we can hold it for Will Call so you can pick it up. If you place your order online, simply type in Pickup in the "DISCOUNT" field and we will hold it until you pick it up.

Crupi business hours are:

Monday through Friday - 8:00AM to 4:00PM
Closed Saturday and Sunday
Walk-ins after 2:30PM may not be able to purchase unless prior arrangements were made.

Can I be sponsored by Crupi?

Yes, we do offer co-sponsorship opportunities which can read all about on the sponsorship link found on our website. This page gives you all the details you will need about Crupi sponsorship so before contacting Crupi directly, please go to this page first.