Meet Crupi's Owner

Gregory Scott Swingrover: Has been with Crupi since 1997. However, Greg has a long history in BMX even before Crupi so read on and find out Greg's path to becoming the owner of one of today's top rated BMX Racing companies;Crupi Parts, Inc.

Greg Swingrover grew up in a tiny California island paradise called Catalina Island.  Despite the secluded surroundings of an island, he could not ignore the call of BMX. Riding since the tender age of 8, by 15 he had already begun his career in the bicycle world. Breaking cranks, forks and frames faster than he could replace them, he went about to find a way to make them better and stronger. He immersed himself in the world of BMX, and made many wonderful contacts. In 1981, Greg single handedly convinced Harry Leary, a legendary Diamondback rider, to come to the island and design a race track. Racing fever ensued on the island, allowing Greg to start his path of creativity and innovation into BMX destiny.

By the time Greg was ready to leave the island for college, he began to work at the infamous South Coast Bicycle shop in Santa Ana, CA and quickly started a Bike Shop team. He kept up his many contacts and met many new ones including Kevin "Sheepdog" Hull, Danny Millwee and became great friends with Barry "Beltbuckle" Nilson.

In 1986, Greg was co-sponsored by Elf Bicycles but Greg turned behind the scenes to help advance the world of BMX to the next level. Working at Mor Distributing/Auburn and GT Bicycles during the next eleven years, Greg also began S & M Bicycles with his pal Chris “Mad Dog” Moeller, who was an up and coming young racer with an intense riding style. Greg was inspired like never before riding with Chris and it was around this time that Greg was crowned the King of Dirt (along with Fuzzy Hall) at the first ever K.O.D. contest in Palmdale, CA. Photos of Greg's mad jumping style appeared occasionally in the BMX magazines.

Despite the lack of an engineering degree, Greg found a way to design bike parts to make them last. Although Chris took over S & M a few years after inception, and has since made it a phenomenal brand name in the industry, it was Greg’s vision that started it all. Greg found a new home in Crupi Parts in 1997. Owner Benny Joseph gave Greg the reigns of the business, and having access to the best machined parts available, was able to design to his heart’s content and create a superior quality frame. After 10 years of managing Crupi, Greg became owner of the business, and has continued to grow the business into all markets of the world. He has personally visited his customers in Chile, Brazil , Argentina , Netherlands, China, Australia, South Africa, Denmark and Canada and attends the World Championships each year no matter what country hosts it! His goal in life is to make BMX accessible to everyone, and to ensure that each rider’s experience is one of quality.

On a personal note, Greg's wife Richel helps out when she can and their daughter Brittney; who was Crupi's General Manager for several years is now an X-Ray Tech in So Cal.  Home was Arcadia, California for many years until early 2018 when Greg and Richel moved their home and Crupi to beautiful Gardnerville, Nevada.  They still enjoy traveling wherever BMX takes them.


S&M Connection

Crupi's owner Greg Scott Swingover was the Co-Founding S of SnM. Read more to see about Greg and S&M's beginings.