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Its Been Long overdue, but we want to congratulate Alex Cameron for becoming Australia's #1A Elite Men's Champion. Alex has been a consistent rider over the years and has earned the respect of his peers by doing so.

What has become one of the most exciting races to watch, Alex almost crashed in the first straight and once again as the finished line neared, he some how managed to keep the bike up to become BMX Austrailia's elite men's national champion on March 6th, 2016. Blasting through the middle of the pack to pass Mathew Juster and survived a late scare to take the win.Clocking in a time of 35.800 to beat Wade Turner (35.874) and Juster (35.897).

“I kind of made it up as I went, I got a good start and good first turn,” said Alex

“I came out of the last turn and I was right on the white line and I thought ‘I am off the track here’, but somehow I just kind of shut my eyes, went through the section and just put in a couple of pedals and lunged to the finish line and that was it.”

We Are extremely proud of this young man and incredible athlete.

Congratulations Alex and hope to see your successes keep amounting! The video of this amazing run can be seen below. And for a full article of Alex Cameron's title run, visit here.

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