IKON Carbon Pro 20 x 1.75 Rims

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IKON BMX is a new company to the BMX Race market, USA Based, offering only the absolute best products in each category they will produce. 

IKON Carbon rims are offered in a 20" Pro lite / Pro size (406 ETRTO) 32mm wide version, with 36 holes. 

IKON rims weight in at 300 grams for a non brake surface rim and 305 Grams for the brake track surfaced rim. A comparable Alloy rim with the same size / width weighs in at 390 grams a rim, letting you save up to 180 grams or 6 ounces when using a set of IKON rims!

IKON rims are some of the lightest Carbon wheels available today but the strength wasn’t sacrificed to get them to this feather weight.

IKON rims are made from Toray produced T700 Carbon Fiber weave. This type of Carbon is one of the top of the line Carbon Fibers produced today and this brand of Carbon weave is the leader for producing hi-end products and is one of the most technological advanced fibers.

IKON rims have a special matte finish on the rims, with glossy water decals, while using a “UD" Carbon Fiber Weave construction.

The rims are available with White, Blue, Red, or Neon Yellow graphics.

Additional Features

IKON rims require a Presta Valved tube. 

IKON 20” 406 ETRTO Pro Lite/Pro size Rim. This rim will accommodate meltable tires sizes, such as 20 x 1.40, 1.6, 1.75, 1.85, 1.95, ect...

IKON 20” ERD is 378mm. (spoke measurement size)

IKON rims are also set up to where you can use a tubeless tire set up, requiring a tubeless specific tire, as well as the tubeless preparation kit. 

IKON will also offer additional Carbon rim sizes in 20” (mini/jr) and 24” (pro lite/pro) rims for sale later in 2019.

*With the IKON Carbon Brake Surface rim, a Carbon Brake pad is required for the best braking performance.